314 w. 7th Street, Okmulgee Oklahoma 74447


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The Courthouse is now open on a limited basis. 

1. Every person(s) entering the County Courthouse will sign-in with the Security Deputy at the North Door and will also sign out with the Security Deputy upon exit. Each person(s) will provide the Security desk with his/her name, and the name of the office he/she will be doing business with. If attending Court, each person(s) will leave their cell phone number as well.

• Individuals entering the courthouse will be informed that if they are doing business with more than one County Office, they must check-in with the Security Desk before visiting the next office. This will allow the Deputy to confirm the number of persons in each office at one time and when there are vacancies in each office as needed.

• Individuals who do not have business to conduct with any County Office will not be allowed to accompany others who do.

2. Everyone entering the Courthouse will be tested for a fever. Any person with a temperature of 100 degrees or more will be denied entry. Those wishing entrance to the Courthouse will answer the agreed upon set of health and exposure questions before being allowed to enter. If any answer to the questions is harmful to the health and safety of the County Courthouse, those person(s) will be denied entry.

3. All those entering the County Courthouse for a Court hearing will wear a face covering in the Courtroom at all times, no exceptions. This includes attorneys, District Attorneys, Bailiffs and witnesses.

Persons who have not been subpoenaed for Court, and have not been ordered by the Judge to appear, will not be admitted into the Courthouse or Courtroom to accompany others.

Persons under the age of 18 will not be permitted into the Courtroom unless so ordered by the Judge.

Those attending Court will sign-in with the Security Deputy, will leave their cell phone number with the Deputy and provide the Deputy with the time they are to appear in Court. People coming to the Courthouse for a Court Appearance must have a face covering on when entering the Court Room. 

The Security Deputy will maintain an updated sign-in sheet to ensure that it is up-to-date at all times. This will assist the Security Deputy in knowing what person(s) are in the Courthouse at all times and what office they are in at any given time, if possible.

4. Those individuals and attorneys that arrive to conduct business with any Judge of the District Court will either have a pre-set appointment or a hearing date. Any other unarranged visit with the District Court will have to be approved by the Judge’s Office via telephone by the Security Deputy.

5. Those individuals conducting business with other County Offices will be subject to a limited amount of non-employees allowed into the County Courthouse at any given time to wit:

County Assessor       3 People

County Treasurer      3 People

County Court Clerk   2 People

District Attorney/      3 People
Bogus Check

County Clerk              3 People Front
                                      4 People Research Vault

Election Board           2 People

To allow for social distancing, person(s) waiting to gain entry to the County Courthouse will be asked not to loiter around the Courthouse entrance. The Security Deputy will suggest that they return to their vehicle to await their turn for entry. This will also lessen the opportunity for conflict between individuals who are here for the same court case, such as a protective order hearing or other similar situation.

The Okmulgee County Sheriff’s Office will hold the weekly Sheriff’s Sale just outside of the North Door of the County Courthouse unless there is inclement weather. In this event, the Sheriff’s Sale will be moved indoors; the employee conducting the sale will inform the Security Deputy of the location and time of the sale within the County Courthouse.